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Carbondale Church Of Christ

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3210 W 51st St
Tulsa, OK 74107

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We wear the name given to us by God the name of Christ. In Acts 11: 26, we find that the disciples were called Christians. We belong to Christ and to Him we owe our faithfulness. We try to let there be no confusion that we uphold the Bible and its principles in what we practice, teach, and preach. We teach no creed but Christ and his Word as given to us in the Bible. We adhere to God's Word as our sole religious authority. We wear no other name except Christ. We believe that if we teach and practice only what is found in the bible, then we will be all that God wants us to be Christians. Our church government is also found in the Bible. Christ is our head (Ephesians 5: 23 ), elders or pastors shepherd the flock (1 Peter 5: 2 ), deacons serve (1 Timothy 3: 8-13 ), and evangelists preach. We accept no other form of leadership for the body of Christ. One who believes in Christ (Romans 1: 16 ), repents of sin (II Peter 3: 9 ), confesses faith in Christ (Romans 10: 9, 10 ) and is baptized into Christ for remission of sins (Acts 2: 38 ) is added to the church by God (Acts 2: 47 ). Through this obedience, one is recognized as a member of the body of Christ, which is the Lord's church. No one will be embarrassed by being denied the opportunity to become a Christian. Nor will anyone suffer the embarrassment of a vote by the congregation. Everyone who desires may be a member of the Lord's body at Carbondale. An evangelist and other Christian men who are either formally or informally educated in the Bible conduct the preaching in the worship service. Our teachers strive to instruct their audiences in God's Word and urge them to live a life that reflects what they learn. If you visit us - please follow the speaker in the Bible closely as he presents his lesson. We check all of our teaching with the bible to ensure that we are faithful to Word of God History of Carbondale Church of Christ The Church of Christ in Carbondale had its beginning in the year 1929. Prior to that time, the only congregation of the Church of Christ in the Tulsa area was the 10th & Rockford church. Five families of the 10th & Rockford congregation lived in the town of Carbondale, which is today a part of the city of Tulsa. Thirteen of the people in these families were members of the church, plus eight other family members who were not. During the latter part of 1929, a meeting was held to discuss the possibility of starting a congregation in the Carbondale area. This meeting was held in the home of Tom and Idella Evans. Brothers Evans, Conway, and Christenson from the Carbondale families and Brother Ernest Brown, one of the elders at 10th & Rockford, and Brother John Allen Hudson, the minister at 10th & Rockford were all present. The meeting resulted in the decision to begin a new congregation in this area. The Carbondale City Hall was rented and the first service of the new congregation was held in December, 1929. Brother Conway and Brother Evans took turns giving talks each Sunday. Brother Christenson led the singing. Later, 10th & Rockford sent Brother Williamson to preach for about a year. The new congregation grew steadily in love and numbers. An unused white frame church building located at 11th and Rockford streets in Tulsa was purchased in 1930. The building was torn down by the men from Carbondale and 10th & Rockford congregations and all the materials hauled to Carbondale where it was reassembled on a lot donated by Tom and Idella Evans. Tom Evans and Lester McCombs were both professional carpenters who worked and supervised the reconstruction of the building. The men of the congregation spent many weeks in the rebuilding process. Every evening and day off was devoted to the work by those who had steady jobs. The building was finally completed and the congregation met in it for the first service in December, 1930. The church grew slowly but steadily. There wa
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